5 Tips On How To Get A Promotion At Work

You’ve been working hard at your company in order to get a promotion. Working evenings, weekends and bringing ideas to the table that to solves real business problems. You are helping the company streamline archaic processes and implement new ways of working that makes your team more effective and efficient. In the process of doing this, you are saving the company money and helping your colleagues to become more effective.

If this you, you might wonder, how come all the work you are putting in is not resulting in a promotion? In this post, we’ll look at 5 tips that will help you get the recognition from the key stakeholders and bring you closer to getting a promotion at work.

1. Ask Your Manager For A Promotion

Working hard alone will not secure you a promotion. There are many people who delivery the goods day in, day out and will never be promoted. It’s largely seen as doing the work that has been assigned and you will occasionally get recognised for your hard work but nothing else.

Make it clear to your manager you want a promotion. A well documented portfolio of projects you’ve worked on and the value it has brought to the business will be invaluable.

Be willing to ask for feedback to understand what additional work and value you need to bring to the table in order to be considered for a promotion. Ensure there is a timeline associated with it so you you have review at future with your manager.

2. Become A Team Player

Working well with your team and helping them succeed can better your chances of being promoted. Being an activate team member who supports others and volunteers for more tasks in order to see the team do well is as good trait. You build trust within your team. You demonstrate a selfless and genuine desire to see others succeed.

Before you will be considered for a promotion, there is a high chance your superiors will ask feedback from your colleagues. There is no high praise than approval from your peers. This will demonstrate trustworthiness, commitment to the company and likely to improve your chances.


3. Emulate Your Superiors

If promotion is on your mind, look around the company and begin to emulate good qualities you see in the senior management. How they communicate, lead and carry themselves. You want to start to embody these traits in meetings and in your interaction with colleagues.

Be willing to go the extra mile by seeking opportunities to grow in areas you are not as strong in. Offer to chair team meetings, take notes and send follow up communication. Do what you see good leaders doing.

If there are weekly team updates your manager puts together to present to senior stakeholders, ask if you can start putting it together. This will help you grow and lighten the workload for your manager to focus on others business objectives.


4. Be A Networking Ninja

Let’s be honest, you will not get a promotion if no one in the business knows you; regardless of who you are or what work you do. Networking with people within the business will significantly increase your changes of getting a promotion.

Offer to buy a manger coffee in order to discuss work his team is doing and collaboration can be beneficial for the department. Attend Lunch and Learn sessions and ask questions. Create your own lunch session and share with other stakeholders what your team is doing.

You create more exposure for yourself around the company and increases your chances of landing a promotion. Stakeholders will notice you as someone with good initiative, a self starter and you get to improve your communication and leadership skills.


5. Learn New Skills

No company is about to promote anyone with outdated skills set. Show to your manager, stakeholders and business that you are continuously improving. Attend seminars, webinars, workshops and training sessions that adds value to yourself and the business.

This is sign that you are committed to bring new ideas and improvements to the company. You are more more likely as a result to be promotion than someone who is stagnating and not bringing new ideas to the table.


Getting a promotion at work means getting a better and more important role, earning a higher salary and gaining a higher sense of accomplishment. You have to ask yourself if you have the qualities required. Look around at those being promoted and embody the skills and traits that are required.

You also have to ask yourself if there is a genuine opportunity for promotion. You don’t want to go head to head with your manager if a promotion means you might be putting him out of a job.

From experience, it can take much longer to get a promotion with your current company. The quickest way would be to move jobs and go for a senior position with more responsibility. It offers a fresh start and allows you to grow in ways that your current employer might not offer you.

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