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Frequently Asked

How do I get into Marketing Automation?

Learn the basics of Data, Database, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.  You can then apply the knowledge to a marketing platform like Salesforce OR Eloqua

Do I need a degree to get into Technology?

NO. So long as you have the passion and are ready to learn, you can get a job in tech. There are thousands of resources online for free. eg: YouTube.

Courses from Programming, Web Design to Data and Databases.

Build a portfolio of real-life projects from what you have learned. You can then share with clients and you are halfway there.

I'm I too old to change career?

NO. There is a concept called Skill Staking. Instead of changing careers, invest time into learning a range of skills to supplement your current skill set. When put together, will work well to get you apart.

Eg: A carpenter with design and web skills and create designs for work required. They can share with clients online getting them apart for you average carpenter  

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