What Is The Value of A Human Life

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August 31, 2020
White Dove
White Dove

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

This world can be a place filled with joy, happiness, celebrations, and love for friends and family. From time to time, we see the worst of it in the form of disasters, pain, wars, and great sadness.

I lost a dear uncle last week after he suddenly felt unwell and was taken to the hospital. He was healthy, active, and a family man, and in a split second, he was ripped away from his wife, three boys, and all those who knew him.

The suddenness of his death has made me fearful of the end. A sense that in just a blink of an eye, your time will be up and the Angel of Death will be knocking at your door. We all know he doesn’t always give you a chance to say goodbye to your loved ones.

All the happiness and joy life once brought is replaced with sadness and sorrow of friends and love ones.

The Meaning of Life

What I have been asking myself for the last few days has been; what’s the value of a life? Is it how long you live and the person you become? We are all dust in the wind and can be blown away at any time. While we are here, we affect the lives of many people around us; family and friends. Our lives are often shaped by those we don’t even know but have the opportunity to see.

It matters not how long you live, but how well


My uncle encouraged me in the early years that success was possible for a black man and that I should aim high always. None of the B and C grades people were content with but the A’s and the A stars that set you apart from the rest, because you were able to bring the best out of yourself.

He made sure I was getting goals and not getting lazy in my professional, personal, and spiritual life. I knew he would be checking in on me so made sure I had a good report to give when the time came and that always kept me focused.

He made me a better man and for that, I would always be grateful. The value of his life was how he sowed into the lives of others. The impact he made in my life has impacted positively the lives of my family and the next generation.

Another Blow

As I was putting this post together, I learned of the death of Chadwick Boseman, The Black Panther, and King of Wakanda. Another big blow to the world especially for black people who for the first time had a superhero they could relate and look up to. He taught kids to dream and think of themselves as KINGS.

He made an impact on the global level for black empowerment. Especially in the minds of people who couldn’t see themselves beyond how society saw them. For that reason, his legacy will live forever.

Dust in the Wind

Death is a destination we all share. While you have breath in your lungs, love others, forgive those who have hurt you. Tell those you love that you love them. Visit and call them often because you never know when their time will be up.

On a practical side of things, make sure you have sorted out life insurance to help take care of your family when you can no longer do so.

Tomorrow is not a given so stop hiding your talent and your dreams. In the words of Les Brown; “Live Full and Die Empty”

Live Full and Die Empty


Rest In Peace Christian Attah Agyemang-Duah; you made an impression on the lives of so many. You will be truly missed by family and friends. Your legacy of black excellent will live on. Until we meet again…

Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman, you gave black people a superhero they could dream of and made an impact on the minds and hearts of this generation. Rest In Power Black Panther. Sleep well KING T’CHALLA. You will forever be our KING.

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